We were thrilled to receive submissions from two youth artists from Virginia, David and Afton Guinn, and wanted to make a special page to celebrate their creations! Enjoy. :) 

David Guinn, Age 4 | "Tiny Galaxies"

Bottle caps, glass beads, cut paper, stickers, marker, resin 1” Diameter; NFS


David is 4 years old, enjoys freestyle dancing, and his favorite part of these pieces was the drawing. He would like to be done now.

Afton Guinn, Age 6 | "Bugs"

Bottle caps, glass beads, pipe cleaners, cut paper, stickers, marker Various dimensions. Approximately 2”x3.5”; NFS


"My magnets are bugs from my imagination. They are what I would want to play with outside if they existed. The red one is named Amy, the blue one is named Bluey, and the green one is named Shiney."

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