This exhibition asks artists to consider the format of a refridgerator magnet. In addition to posing this to artists, this exhibition aims to celebrate the tiny sculptures known as refrigerator magnets.


Artists were invited to submit pieces that function on a magnetic surface, and were encouraged to consider other functions such as a brooch. Participants include metalsmiths, woodworkers ceramicists and more from across the United States and the UK.


This exhibition was designed to take place at The Look West Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA, a space known for celebrating quirky forms of creativity. Our goal has been to support artists participating in the show, but especially now in light of covid-19. Due to this, all sale inquiries will be directed to the artists to enrich their studio practices during this time. 

Please contact us for any purchase inquiries. 

Thank you for your support! 

A message for the Artists:

Artists, thank you for sharing your amazing work. It has been a privilege to see various interpretations of the function and form of the refrigerator magnet. I see this gallery as a collaboration, because we are each living in uncharted times during covid-19. Many are without studio access and others have had to alter their methods of creating to make do. Thank you for your energy during these moments. While jurying submissions, I looked for craft, creativity, humor, and innovation. I focused on creating a celebration of small sculptures of many kinds.

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted work!

Curator, Chelsea Rowe

Originally from the Midwest, Chelsea Rowe is a metalsmith and artist based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Her art practice includes various curatorial art projects as well as creating sustainable jewelry and artwork.

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